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Who We Are

VBP Forward is a mission-driven, private organization that facilitates a meaningful dialogue between the health and social care systems to enable mutually beneficial partnerships in a value-based world. Our goal is to help community-based organizations understand how to successfully partner with the healthcare system, align their value with beneficiary needs and propose their services in a credible, and fundable way. We drive this progress through our conferences, workshops, and content.


VBP Forward launched in 2019 with the inaugural VBP Forward conference in Buffalo, NY. The event included attendance of nearly 300 industry leaders focusing on Medicaid and Medicare special needs, including CBOs, foundations, providers, payors, and state agencies. VBP Forward has since built on the momentum of our 2019 conference with a fall workshop series for social care organizations in New York state. With more than 250 attendees across the 3 events in Buffalo, Albany, and Syracuse, VBP Forward continued the learning that began in Buffalo, expanded our network and reach, and set the stage for Albany 2020.

Meet The Team


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247 Cayuga Road

Suite 50

Buffalo, New York 14225

Tel: 504.309.8965

Email: info@vbpforward.com

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