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VBP Forward Conference

VBP Forward team member, Don Lee, host of the #HCBiz Show! podcast spoke with Relentless Health Value about our upcoming VBP Forward Conference.

Don helps organizations launch new health IT products and services. He’s a product and business development consultant and accomplished health IT expert with a 20-year track record of driving value with technology.

Don began his career as a custom software developer and eventually built and led a team of more than 30 engineers. Later, he was the subject matter expert, product manager, and head of sales and marketing for a digital health start-up that launched a software as a service (SaaS) platform focused on administrative simplification in health care.

Today, Don is president of Glide Health IT, LLC, a consulting firm that helps forward-looking organizations align their health IT and business strategies. The firm specializes in business and product development with a focus on data aggregation, interop, analytics, and quality measurement.

Don is also the host of The #HCBiz Show!, a podcast dedicated to unraveling the business of health care, as well as a partner at VBP Forward, a new conference focused on value-based payment for complex and special needs populations.

For full show notes and links: https://relentlesshealthvalue.com/audios/aee 8/


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