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Our workshops focus on improving the capabilities of community-based organizations (CBOs) in fostering stronger sustainability through value-based payments and contracting. The workshops include four unique sessions facilitated by industry experts; combining didactic learning and group collaboration to move towards the goal of building stronger organizations.

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Areas of Focused Education

Understanding VBP and Your Readiness

Session 1

The shift toward Value-Based Care is one of the most important global trends in the health sector, presenting challenges but also huge opportunities.  Instead of rewarding volume, new value-based payment (VBP) models reward better results regarding cost, quality, and outcome measures.  Helgerson Solutions Group will help your organization better understand some very key questions: What does VBP mean for the organization? What role should the organization play in a VBP engagement?  Does the organization have the right partners?  Is the organization ready for any risk? Does the organization have a culture and community health strategy that fit a VBP model?

Value Propositions and Operational Efficiency

Session 2

Focus on how CBOs can identify their value proposition to the healthcare delivery system and ensure they are maximizing their operational efficiency in preparation for value-based arrangements. In this session, CCNY will provide leaders with unique and important insight into understanding the value their organization creates beyond its mission and how well defined measurements and improvements can lead to better interventions and sustained financial success.

The Roles of Data and Technology

Session 3

As your organization begins to evaluate and then enter into the health care continuum you must be prepared for technology integration, data sharing, and effective reporting mechanisms.  rprt will help you understand how to better utilize the technology you currently have, the data you already create, and potential new software.  We will also discuss how to work with other organizations regarding data sharing and its key importance in driving effective interventions, improving decision making, and getting a full picture of your community.

Contracting and Readiness

Session 4

VBP Forward is working with our partners at Green and Health Homes to design an interactive contracting session specifically for CBOs.  This session will cover areas of concern for CBOs as they look to contract with providers, payers, and the government.  We will touch on areas such as taking on risk, understanding where your service may play a role in their Value-Based Payment arrangement, and what it might look like to potentially start your own Value-Based Payment arrangement.

Previous Workshops

Buffalo 2019

Albany 2019

Syracuse 2019

VBP Forward built on the momentum of our 2019 conference with a Fall workshop series for social care organizations in New York State. With more than 250 attendees across the 3 events in Buffalo, Albany, and Syracuse, VBP Forward continued the learning that began in Buffalo, expanded our network and reach, and set the stage for Albany 2020.


Our latest tour of workshops was partnered with the CBO Consortium of Upstate New York. We are extremely appreciative of their efforts and support during this workshop series and are looking forward to continued partnerships. 


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